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Don't Fear the Mirror

Next to the scale, the mirror is probably the most hated of all bedroom furnishings. This hatred is particularly common among people who are trying to improve their physical appearance. The mirror represents the truth. Even though it is only a one dimensional reflection of our three dimensional self, it is the only picture of ourselves that we ever see. The truth (represented by the mirror) is a lot like alcohol. Most people can tolerate it in moderation, but there are some people who are sensitive to even a small amount of it.

The mirror never renders an opinion, never criticizes us and never denies us those extra calories we crave at the end of the day. It only shows us a reflection of what we believe others see when they look at us.

The mirror allows us to keep audience with ourselves. We can use it to help straighten our posture, keep good form during exercises and even recite our mantras of self improvement. We can communicate our goals to our own face thus, using it to turn our worst enemy into our best friend.

At the end of the day we are accountable to our reflection. It will serve us in the way we choose to let it. Friend or foe, the choice is yours. Look at yourself with confidence and conviction.

Be proud of the person you are becoming.

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