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Be Sure... Be Safe

There is more to being a trainer than pushing your students to GO GO harder. Train with specially trained & officially licensed Kangoo Jumps® Instructors. Kangoo Jumps® requires that instructor candidates possess nationally recognized Group Fitness Certifications before receiving training for a Kangoo Jumps® License. This is to ensure you receive a safe and effective class based on modern knowledge of body mechanics and functional fitness techniques.

Does your class consist of a proper gradual warmup, and cooldown? Is proper form shown and cued along with any modifications? Are movements controlled and performed at a tempo that makes it easy to maintain that control? Are free weights being used in a grounded state and not in conjuction with jumping movements, especially with beginning students?

Anyone can purchase boots. Be sure to ask your trainer about their credentials. Are they:

1. Certified by an NCCA Accredited Fitness Authority such as ACE, NCSF, NASM, etc.

2. Licensed by Kangoo Jumps®. The Kangoo training program is intense, thorough and a necessary prerequisite in learning to use and maintain the Kangoo® brand of boots properly.

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