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Class Schedule

In-person and online classes

Basic Jumps (Rebounding with Jump Boots)

Saturdays 10:45-11:45am

Boot Rental is available if participating in person

StepMixx (Aerobic Step and Strength)

Tuesdays 6:00-6:45pm

Platforms are provided if participating in person

Online class schedule varies weekly and includes:

Jump TABATA - short interval bursts on Jump Boots

Fitness Trampoline - low impact aerobic bounce on a Mini-Rebounder

Steel Combat - cardio kickboxing in sneakers

Ultimate Fit Combat - kickboxing-based class on Jump Boots

Joe-bility - mobility and strength with Joe in sneakers

**Online classes take place Live in a private Facebook Group and are saved for your convenience.  You may do them anytime.


For In-Person classes, please note:

We cannot allow drop-in participants.  All participants must register in advance.


Classes may be cancelled occasionally due to special Rec Center programming or special events. 

If no class is available to book, class is either full or not scheduled for that day.


We cannot issue refunds but you may reschedule a class prior to class start.

Group classes take place indoors.

Waiver must be signed at time of registration. 


In-Person Classes:

Single Jump Class including Boot Rental



Single Jump Class for Boot Owners



Classes can be rescheduled.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds or transfers.

See our Cancellation Policy

Multi-Class Passes are a great way to stay motivated!

Passes are valid for 6 months

10 Class JumpPass for Boot Owners - $40

10 Class JumpPass with Boot Rental - $80

Online Access ONLY - $10/mo


NO setup fee! 

*Automatically charged to a credit card for your convenience 

*Can be paused or cancelled anytime

*Boot rental not available for Online Access

*All classes take place in a Facebook Private Group.  

*Be sure to sign online waiver below to be allowed access 

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