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Why Kangoo? Because it is waaaay FUN!

Ever jump on your bed as a kid? (If you didn't, you seriously need to go back and redo your childhood). I did. I jumped on my bed because it was fun (until mom yelled, of course, then it wasn't fun anymore)... the temporary feeling of weightlessness was simply exhilarating! I didn't have a trampoline growing up, I had a bed... close enough!

Today, we have these doo-hickies called Kangoo Jumps®. They are boots much like a ski or inline skate boot that straps on securely and keeps the ankle firmly supported. Underneath, is a pair of super-flexible fiberglass shells connected by a huge, colored rubber band called a T-spring. This little contraption makes running, dancing, walking the dog or washing the car into a workout! The balance challenge and rebounding effect burns waaaay more calories than walking around in regular sneakers.

Kangoo Jump Boots have been around since 1998. They were originally developed as a tool to assist doctors and physiotherapists in rehabilitating patients recovering from sports injuries. The rebound effect cushions and absorbs over 80% of impact shock to feet, ankles, shins, knees, hips, lower back, and spine also allows athletes to rehabilitate fully and resume their training sooner.

At FunFit Motion Lab, we use Kangoo Boots in a Group Fitness Class format. We combine jumping and music together into a safe, fun, energizing, calorie-torching fitness class that will leave you smiling, exhilarated and looking for more! Our choreography is unique and the playlist is updated weekly. We burn anywhere from 500-1200 calories per session depending on your fitness level and you are guaranteed to work up a sweat! Boots are available for rental at each class. Join us by reserving yours today! Looking forward to jumping with you!!

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