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What is Rebounding?

Rebounding is movement method that drastically changes our relationship with gravity!  We earth-dwellers have always operated under the law of "what goes up must come down".  Any time we jump up, we eventually have to come down.  But what about the down part?  Does it have to be sudden and abrupt and jarring to the body?

Well, thanks to Rebounding, not anymore!

Rebounding exercise dates back to the 1970s when NASA studied the effects of trampoline
exercise on astronauts. They found that rebounding was a highly effective form of exercise that could help astronauts build lean muscle and bone density and help them recover from the physical stress of space travel. This research led to the development of rebounding as a popular form of exercise, particularly among those looking for a
low-impact workout.

According to NASA "Rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man.”


Rebounding provides a way to experience all the fun and fitness benefits of jumping without the repeated stress and impact of the landing.  Sure you can rebound on a mattress, or couch but it is best to use equipment specifically designed for this purpose such as the trampoline or the ultra-portable Rebounding Boots! 


Rebounding Boots today come in a variety of brands and they have all been extensively developed and refined to be safe, reliable, and long-lasting.  Kangoo Jumps® was developed in the 1990s and was the first brand on the market.

Now, imagine a world where there was only one brand of automobile.  What if everyone had to drive a Toyota?  And what if you only had 3 colors of Toyotas to choose from?  Sounds pretty dull doesn't it? 


Thankfully, a spicy new brand FitBoots® has come on the scene to shake things up in the Rebounding Boot world with fresh colors, a bouncier feel and a whole new approach to Rebounding! 


FitBoots® was brought to life by former KJ® Trainer and Distributor, Dorina Rigo, with the help of an experienced team of fitness and rebounding experts. The boots have been redesigned from scratch and a simpler system of teaching has been developed that will allow instructors and participants enjoy better, more effective group fitness classes!


Let's talk about the boots...   

The boots take less than 10 minutes to get used to and promote a rebounding action that works your entire body with very little impact to your joints!  

People with knee, hip and back issues have reported being able to run and jump again with no pain or discomfort!

The specially patented spring system absorbs 80% of the impact and the rebounding action helps you burn 20% more calories than walking, jumping or running in regular sneakers alone! 


Rebounding Boots were originally developed by a doctor specifically for the rehabilitation of orthopedic patients recovering from knee, hip and back injuries.  Soon afterward, it was discovered that they offered incredible cardiovascular benefits, helped strengthen and tone muscles and were incredibly fun to use!!

The boots are super portable and can be taken anywhere!  You can use them at home to exercise indoors or outdoors.  You can run, jog or walk outside with them, or put on some music and exercise in the privacy of your home at any time that is convenient for you! 

Now let's add in the fitness programs...


If you are like us, you may need the group fitness environment to motivate you.  Exercising in a group atmosphere can be empowering and inspiring and there are 3 ways to cash in on that benefit:


1.)  We offer in-person classes with Licensed, professional Instructors all over the world! 


2.)  We also offer virtual classes online to help guide and motivate you and you can do these classes anytime at your own convenience.  


3.)  For those of you itching to learn more or teach your own classes, we offer training programs for to help you become a fitness leader in your community and help create opportunities to exercise together with friends!  You don't have to be an extrovert or fitness guru to lead a class.  You simply need to learn the basics in our Ultimate Fit Basics Instructor course!  We cover everything from musicality, to teaching methods and everything in between!


Whatever level of participation you choose, grab your own pair of Rebounding Boots and get ready to join a life-changing movement to a healthier, stronger, happier life!  

Let's JUMP!

Benefits of Rebounding

High Intensity Cardio Workout

Low Impact Exercise
Promotes Fat Loss

Stimulates Lymphatic System

Boosts Immune System
Increases Cardiovascular Endurance (Vo2 Max)
Improves Coordination, Strength and Balance
Helps Improve Posture

Optimizes Cardiovascular Health
Reduces likelihood of Joint Damage

Helps prevent Osteoporosis

Keep your Lymphatic System healthy

The Lymphatic System is our body's main detoxification and filtration system. It cleans out toxins, bacteria, dead cells, infectious viruses, cancer cells and other unwanted cellular debris. When lymph isn't free-flowing, cells exist in an environment of excess pollution or toxicity and begin to lose their functionality, causing the body to succumb to illness and degenerative disease.

The lymph is dependent on physical exercise to flow and rebounding is a great way to stimulate the Lymphatic System.  The alternating weightlessness with the use of gravity produces a pumping action, which then literally pumps the lymphatic fluid. The movement creates pressure changes in the body, breaks up blockages and causes millions of one-way valves to open and shut, activating an internal vacuum system to flush and drain away viruses, germs bacteria dead cells, fungus cell, cancerous cells and other foreign invaders. In this way the lymphatic environment, has been cleansed thus improving its ability to absorb nutrients, water, and oxygen.


Stress creates tension in our bodies and tension restricts circulation. Prolonged stress impairs body functions affecting circulation to our brain, eyes, legs, arms, extremities and causes blockages in internal organs. The greater the stress, the more our immune and lymphatic systems weaken and the more susceptible we are to illness.


Rebounding not only improves the immune and lymphatic systems as described above, reducing the impact of stress, but it increases our resistance to stress as it stabilizes the nervous system, putting the body in a state of relaxation and rejuvenation that lasts long after rebounding has ended.

Why train with Licensed Group Fitness Professionals?

Rebounding boots are a patented, specialized piece of equipment and require knowledge in using, transporting and maintaining them.  Misuse can result in personal injury and property damage. 

Many people claim to have invented rebounding and have certified themselves in a self-named certification program.  Be sure to train with officially licensed Rebounding Instructors.  This is to ensure participants receive a safe and effective class based on modern knowledge of rebounding science, body mechanics and functional fitness techniques. 


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